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HI all,

Please gide me to setup maven with our selenium framework


smukkidi Train Asked on September 1, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Hi smukkidi,

We don’t have a step by step guide to set up Maven. However, what you can follow these steps

1. Set up maven in your system

  1. Download Maven jars from and unzip the folder to some location. In this example we have used C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\apache-maven-3.2.3
  2. Add the M2_HOME environment variable by opening up the system properties (WinKey + Pause), selecting the “Advanced” tab, and the “Environment Variables” button, then adding the M2_HOME variable in the user variables with the value C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\apache-maven-3.2.3. Be sure to omit any quotation marks around the path even if it contains spaces. Note: For Maven 2.0.9, also be sure that the M2_HOME doesn’t have a ‘\’ as last character.
  3. In the same dialog, add the M2 environment variable in the user variables with the value %M2_HOME%\bin.
  4. Optional: In the same dialog, add the MAVEN_OPTS environment variable in the user variables to specify JVM properties, e.g. the value -Xms256m -Xmx512m. This environment variable can be used to supply extra options to Maven.
  5. In the same dialog, update/create the Path environment variable in the user variables and prepend the value %M2% to add Maven available in the command line.
  6. In the same dialog, make sure that JAVA_HOME exists in your user variables or in the system variables and it is set to the location of your JDK, e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_51 and that %JAVA_HOME%\bin is in your Path environment variable.
  7. Open a new command prompt (Winkey + R then type cmd) and run mvn --version to verify that it is correctly installed.

2. Set up your POM.xml and put it inside your projects root folder.
3. Add dependency paths based on your project needs.
4. From a command prompt to your folder directory run maven install clean

Expecting more answers from Maven experts in the forum.


Professor Answered on September 1, 2014.
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