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Iam new to selenium IDE ,
I have a dynamic grid containing 7 columns. The first and last column contains hyperlinks.  The first column hyperlink’s text are different but the hyper links of the last column contains the same text.
Now , I have written a code to search a hyper link by text and click on it. This code only works for the first column since the texts of those links are always different.
The problem is to write a code for the last column where the texts are always the same.

In the following code JID is the variable containing the text.


I thought about searching the first column and get its location and then by that location moving forward towards the last link and then clicking on it.

I just wanted to do this …please help

geetakirshan Default Asked on October 3, 2014 in Software Testing.
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Hi lakshay,
Thank you so much for reply 🙂
By using simple Xpath trick, i can click on a link even if table is updating 🙂

<td>//tr[contains(td[1], “sb001505”)]/td[9]/a[contains(text(),’Palletize’)]</td>

Default Answered on October 9, 2014.
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