RE: How can we learn Selenium using java?

How can we learn Selenium using java?

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Selenium Webdriver Practical Guide Paperback

RE: How can we learn Selenium using java?

What You Will Learn

Learn the basic design of Selenium WebDriver and understand how it overcomes the limitations of its predecessor
Set up and use Selenium Grid
Discover the various mechanisms used to locate web elements
Perform advanced actions such as drag-and-drop, double-click, right-click, and action builders on web pages
Explore the advanced features of WebDriver such as handling cookies, taking screenshotsmanaging timeouts, and browser navigations
Acquire an understanding of the various WebDriver implementations such as Firefox Driver, IE Driver, and Chrome Driver
Explore WebDriver EventListeners
Design effective automation frameworks using the PageObject pattern
Learn how to deal with the latest features of WebDriver

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