RE: Handling Window Authentication Pop-up on IE browser without using AutoIt.


Please help me to handle Window Authentication Pop-Up on IE browser.
Due to some reasons I can not use AutoIT/Sikuli.

I tried few workarounds:
1. Passing username/password in URL but this does not work for IE.
2. Using Robot class: This is also not working.

Please suggest.
Thanks in Advance.

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2 Answers

Hi Rishi,

AutoIt and Robot class are handling authentication window successfully when window is focused.

I have to run my test from jenkins in a VM (which may be locked while test execution).
How should i handle this?
pls let me know if there is any fix for this.

My autoIT script:

Local $hWnd = WinWait(“[CLASS:MozillaDialogClass]”, “”, 10)

Default Answered on July 1, 2015.
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