RE: Equivalent of Execute(vbScript) statement in Java

I have a framework in QTP where I navigate function wise by picking the function name from excel sheet. So the command that helps me in doing so is..

Execute “strResult = “&strFunctionName&”()”

Based on the strResult value i.e True or False, I decide whether the function has passed or failed.

What is the equivalent of this Execute or Eval command of vbscript in Java?

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In Java we dont have a eval function. However we can do the same thing using class loaders.  I would suggest you read the driver script class here

a summary of what you want do do can be divided like this

1. Get all the methods from a class like this, assuming all the methods are implemented inside a class called ActionClass
Method method[] = ActionClass.getClass().getMethods();

2. Check the name of the methods in class against the names in excel

method[i].getName().equals(<Method name from excel>);

3. Put above check in if condition and you can execute the method like this

method[i].invoke(Arguments to the method)

Just try it out and let us know about the results.


Professor Answered on March 27, 2015.
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