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Hello i am new in automation testing.

Can you please tell me that i have to create framework for each and every new project or can we use old framework which we have create for other project?

Rohit Default Asked on October 10, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.

Can you elaborate your question.  Regarding TentNG or junit Frameworks or Data driven or key driven frameworks?

on October 10, 2014.
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It depends project to projects for an example in E-Commerce project your component of Frameworks are re usable because all the E-Commerce applications have almost same application flow.

Excel Utilities and other Utilities can be used again and again in every project with little project specific changes.

Page Object Model structure can be re-used with changing the page objects. Framework is nothing but the idea of implementiing things in a logical and effective way and that can be remain same in your projects, for another example reporting structure, logging structure.

But there are many things which differ project to project like page elements, application flow, testing needs and those has to be cater differently.

Lakshay Sharma

Professor Answered on October 11, 2014.
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