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Hey all,I start to learn QA and in my course, we learn only about the selenium IDE + C#.
I came to this site to learn more about webdriver, and i see that all the tutorials here teach with java (and i dont know java =/ ).

My questions are:
1. there is a “better”  language to learn selenium with? or language will rise my value more then others?

If i learn webdriver with java, its will be easy to do the same staff with c# or python? or its completely different for each code language?

I’m kind a new in this so my questions may seem bit silly 🙂
Thanks for help.

orhalimi Default Asked on October 20, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Majority of the Selenium followers are using Java and Java got good number of support forums, so I also followed Java  for this website. Rest programming concept of any other language remains same, it is just the syntax which differ. if you compare the Selenium commands written in java and c#, you will find the it looks quite similar.

You can start with any language, I am not an expert to comment which language is strong than other but you may want to consider the language followed by your oraganzation, as you may not want to learn java when your team follow ruby.

Laksahy Sharma

Professor Answered on October 23, 2014.
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