RE: Advise on location elements on a webpage I am buildong a selenium script for


Hi there, I am after some advice regarding a Selenium script I am building. As can be seen from the screenshot attached I am hovering over the ‘Reports’ text from the navigation pane which brings up a menu…..from there I am selecting ‘Asset Management’, then ‘Terminated Report: Completed’ from the sub-menu.

I’ve also attached the code (‘Selenium Code’

RE: Advise on location elements on a webpage I am buildong a selenium script for

) which highlights what I am trying to do….I thought the best way to do this would be via xpath, as there wasn’t a great deal of information to work off in terms of elements. I’ve attached the HTML from the webpage (Screenshot 2, which hopefully gives an idea of how I built my test scripts in Selnenium.

The issue I have had is that, as can be seen from Screenshot 1, I want to arrive at Asset Management > Terminated Report: Completed. After I have checked that page I want to go to Asset Management > Terminated  Report: Pending. However, the XPath when selecting the ‘Asset Management’ option is now different, even thought the selection of it is the same as before. I’m assuming this is because I am selecting it from a different page. Based on the above, I have two questions which I am hoping for assistance on:
1) Given that it looks like XPath isn’t the best way of me navigating through this navigation menus, what would be the best element locator to use, in order to get to the desired location? Hopefully, the screenshots provide enough detail.
2) Another issue I have is that when I

RE: Advise on location elements on a webpage I am buildong a selenium script for

RE: Advise on location elements on a webpage I am buildong a selenium script for

arrive at a page, using the above selenium code, the focus is still on the option I have selected from the menu e.g. ‘Terminated Report: Completed’. This prevents me from being able to select any elements on the page, and I can’t see any way around this. Is there an action whereby the focus can be switched to the webpage as a whole, so I can complete any actions I need to.

Apologies for the long-winded questions, but I just wanted to make sure I explained it all correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


tilston1001 Train Asked on November 19, 2014 in Selenium WebDriver.
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HI Andrew,

First I would like to appreciate your effort you put to write this question beautifully. I wish everybody follow these standards, it easy for us to investigate.

Now coming back to you questions
Question 1 : Avoid using Absolute xpaths, always prefer relative xpaths. Please read this article, you will find your answers by your own:

Question 2: I think the only problem is with when you are clicking the ‘Terminate Report Complete‘. In your Page Object I can see that you are using action class for mouse hovering on this element to. But actually you do not need to mouse hover to click this element. So just change your Page Object of ‘TerminateReportCompleteFocus‘ function and directly use click() to perform click. I think by following this your second problem will also resolve.

Suggestion : Make use of FirePath tool of Firefox. It will automatically give you the absolute xpath.

Do not forget to close the question, if it resolve your issue.

 Best Reagrds,

Lakshay Sharma

Professor Answered on November 20, 2014.

Hi Laksh,

many thanks for responding. I’ve managed to sort out the first issue, based on your comments.

However, I am still having the same issue with the second question I raised. I did what you suggested and removed the ‘mouse hover’ actions and instead directly used a ‘click()’. The issue is that I must initially hover over the ‘Report’ text in order to display the menu and sub-menu. I don’t actually want to click on ‘Report’, though’ as doing so will take me to a page I don’t want to go to, so the hover action has to be done. What now happens is that when I arrive at the ‘Terminated Report: Completed’ page the focus remains on the text from the drop-down menu, and I cannot switch the focus to the page in order to complete any actions.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the code snippet, which highlights the code changes I have made. Do you have any suggestions?

on November 21, 2014.
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