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I would like to know what should we answer about the architecture of the project

Actually it was asked in the interview

kindly help me on this..

maheshbabu Default Asked on November 5, 2015 in Selenium WebDriver.
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Architecture of a project is STRUCTURE of various part of the project.  Example:  A Website can have a 3-tier architecture [FrontEnd->BusinessLayer->DataAccessLayer].  Same way in Automation we define architecture of our project as Test Cases-> Automation Framework->Selenium.

In people have various parts even in an automation framework [Layers].  I faced the same interview question and was able to answer this with confidence and get a job.  Thanks to this youtube video where the trainer explained in really well (Sharing the original source link –

To find answer to your question – You can watch only partial video.

Default Answered on November 5, 2015.
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