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Hi Lakshay…


Good Afternnon. Your toolsqa site was excellent and really very much handy to beginners as well as experts to know better adv concepts. Keep Updating it.


This is Pavan from Hyderabad , experienced in training students in Manual Testing . Recently I learned Selenium at one of the institute here in Hyderabad and completed five days back.


Currently I am searching for Testing opportunity in companies.


I have some questions which you have to clear . And I hope you will clarify at least in your free time.


    1. After writing scripts in TestNG , suppose I am testing gmail login page functionality


Does each functionality is treated as a Test Case i.,e each Java TestNG file is a test case?

For a scenario to test Login Screen : Username , password , SUBMIT , CANCEL fields were included in a single test script(TestNG java class file)???


    1. Is there any possible way to group two or more test script files and execute together and display results finally in HTML template?


    1. Can the TestNG generated HTML template is customized by user , ie., to include column fields such as ‘Created By’ , ‘Test Case_ID’ ,’Test Scenario_ID’ ,’Testcase Desciption’ , ‘TestType’ etc…..



Please clarify my doubts.



Thanks in Advance.





pavan Default Asked on October 9, 2015 in Program QA Automation.
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Train Answered on October 13, 2016.
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